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Who am I?

Working with small businesses and charities, I offer Sales, Marketing, Project Management and Event Planning services on a freelance basis in the East Midlands. Most recently, I have been providing maternity cover for the Fundraising & Marketing Manager at a medium-sized children’s services charity.

I have many years experience in sales, starting in outbound telesales selling advertising for a national newspaper in Fleet Street, progressing to direct sales, predominantly in IT, travelling the country managing complex and lengthy sales through to (and including) contract negotiation, selling to large organisations across all sectors and industry types. My largest sale was a package of software, consultancy and training to Royal Bank of Scotland for £250,000, but I also spent time selling to SMEs and corporate fundraising for charities.

Over the years, my employers also sent me on some excellent training courses in sales, account management, negotiation and presentation skills, amongst other things, which helped to hone my skills.

I also have significant experience in all marketing disciplines, particularly strategic planning, branding, copywriting, proof-reading and editing, and have worked in marketing and fundraising for a number of charities in recent years.

In December 2010, I qualified as a project manager (registered Prince2 Practitioner), and I have experience of organising many different types of events, up to national scale with thousands of visitors.

Since starting my business almost a year ago, the kind of work that has come my way has included strategic consultancy and developing a marketing plan for a logistics franchise, and more hands-on practical work, such as proof-reading marketing literature, writing copy for direct mail, cold-calling, database building, research and data cleansing, and critiquing a large website for a web designer. The maternity cover contract I mentioned includes team management, event planning, website and print management, PR, and fundraising through a number of channels.

Why choose me?

There are a lot of people like me offering services like mine, so what makes me stand out from the crowd? Forgive me for being immodest, but..

  • Maturity brings wisdom and a touch of gravitas when I am representing your business, so if you are looking to be taken seriously, that can help
  • Breadth, depth & longevity of real experience comes from doing the job in a variety of settings at different levels, which gives me greater versatility and practical knowledge. This means that the advice I give you is rooted in reality and not someone else’s theory.
  • Your prospective customers will judge the quality and attention to detail they can expect from you by the quality and attention to detail in your marketing, so it is essential that you choose marketing services from someone who is a maddeningly passionate perfectionist. Like me! Some might say obsessive.
  • Going the extra mile ~ You’ll want someone who is committed to getting the job done and keeping their promises – another differentiator.
  • I measure my success by your success. Just getting the job done and the invoice paid is not my only goal. My personal satisfaction relies on knowing that the outcome of my work is contributing to the achievement of your overall objectives.
  • Professionalism, but not at the expense of personality. Life is too short to be a robot. Hopefully, that will make me more enjoyable to work with! I hope that’s true of you, too.
  • Integrity ~ Respect, courtesy and consideration are vital to me, protecting your reputation as well as my own. Loyalty, too. I will not work with other clients in your sector while I am working with you.
  • My competitive rates will make your budget go further and deliver better value for money.

Who are you?

If you’re just starting out and need to get your marketing ducks in a row, or you are just acquiring your first customers and being pulled in different directions with conflicting priorities, it is easier, more flexible and probably less expensive to outsource until you’re ready to commit to taking on permanent staff. So if you fall into one of the following categories and you’re feeling the squeeze, explore the site and take a look at what we can offer to help take the pressure off.

  • You are a charity, OR..
  • Business start-up OR..
  • Building up your customer-base and beginning to need help, OR..
  • You have an established sales/marketing team and need to cover some pressure points, OR..
  • You have to find cover for staff absence/maternity leave, OR..
  • You need a project leader to manage an upcoming project/event
  • You are based in the UK East Midlands region, or you are located elsewhere and happy to manage things remotely

Thanks for reading. I hope to hear from you soon.

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